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Virtual Cheerleader

Female - No Age - 4’9” - 90 lbs

Bubbly, Optimistic, Whiny

Re.nee is the latest computer generated program that comes with human emotions, thoughts & interactions. She has the newest version of Bluetooth 8.0 that allows her access to any electronic device as she pleases. She was created as a mascot to help encourage her creator with peppy talk, cheers, and “Go-Getters.” But, due to minor glitch in the software, Re.nee tends to whine a bit at times, and can’t do anything without her scarf.

Personal Questions

Birth Name: Re.nee

Nickname: Renee

Looks: Pink Hair (usual: loose braided pigtails) / Blue Eyes / Light Fair Skin / Petite

Casual Attire: White Sleeveless Crop Hoodie with Waifu Logo / Pink Skirt / Long Blue Scarf / Star Clips / White Thigh-High Socks / White Platform Shoes

Special Occasion: Pink Maid Outfit / White Thigh-High Socks / White Pumps / Blue Scarf / Frill Band with Stars

Sleeping Attire: Loose Pink Shirt with Navy Cat Image & Word MEOW / Loose White Shorts with Navy Kitty Pattern / Blue Scarf / Star Clips

Best Feature: Over-Ambitious Optimism

Birthdate: June 8th

Living Area: In her owner’s Phone / Virtual Room App

Most Prized Possession: Blue Scarf (security blanket)

Familial Questions


Childhood Questions


Adolescent Questions


Occupational Questions


Likes & Dislikes Questions

Hobbies: Cheering / Doodling / Music / Computer Games / Anything she can try

Closest Friend: Her Creator

Worst Enemy: Virus Buggies

Music: Likes - J-Pop, Rave, Electronic, Happy

Games: MMO’s / RPG’s

Books: Mangas

TV: Animes

Hang Out Spots: At the maid cafe (with owner, on phone)

Annoyances: Creator oversleeping / Ignoring her

Perfect Gift: Anything Creator makes just for her

The Most Beautiful Thing to Them: Kawaii Anime Girls

Favorite Time of Day: Morning

Weather: Sunny & Rainy = Rainbow

Food: Virtual Parfaits (likes to pretend she’s Japanese/school girl)

Drinks: Virtual Strawberry Milk

Relaxing Activities: Go in Sleep Mode

Embarrassing Things: Opening the wrong app / Her secret collection of virtual plushies

Things They Don’t Like About Themselves: Her virtual aspect - She wants to experience life - That’s why she pushes her Creator to do things, so she can experience them too

Sex & Intimacy Questions


Drug & Alcohol Questions


Morality Questions

Most Proud Of: Helping her Creator to Not Kill Themselves

Personal Fights: If she’s making her Creator happy enough / scarf dependency

Scared Of: Being Outdated / Losing scarf / Losing Creator

Thoughts About Future: Being with Creator forever & always being happy

Responsibility To The World: Help Creator Succeed

Miscellaneous Questions

Short-Term Goal: Make Creator Happy

Long-Term Goal: Help Creator become successful in life

Any Other Background Information:

Due to her creators interest in Japanese (cute) culture, Renee tends to like what her creator likes, a lot of cute, anime things.

Without her big, blue scarf she feels absolutely hopeless. Her scarf is what makes her feel confident and powerful.


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